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In the last few decades, the rapid urbanisation and modern developments were taking heavy toll on the environment and health of the people, mostly on habits of the younger generation.  There had been rapid changes in lifestyle from a physically very active farming community to that of an urbanised physically inactive lifestyle.  Many health issues cropped up. The unchecked and unplanned urbanisation resulted into rapid degradation of the environment.   A need was felt for a mass movement to spread awareness amongst people for a healthy lifestyle based on traditional values and maintenance of a clean sustainable environment.  Efforts were made to win away the younger generation from socially unproductive unwanted habits by providing them a platform to focus on socially useful healthy activities.

Around 2012-13, few pioneers started with participation in traditional Lai Haraoba Lemjels (runs) despite initial adverse criticisms.

The results were encouraging and within few years,  28 runners including 3 ladies volunteered for Ibudhou Khamlangba Lamjel on 19  May 2016.  It was then decided to organise it into a formal organisation and thus on this day, KAKCHING RUNNING GROUP came into existence.  The name was later amended to KAKCHING RUNNERS.   

KR - Inaugural Runners


Advisers and Patrons

Shri Y Satya Singh

Propietor, Yambem Furnitures

Colonel (Retd) N Ranjit Singh

Retired Defence Officer

Gp Capt (Retd) Ksh. Shyamkesho Singh

Retired Defence Officer

Dr Y Ashokumar Singh

Managing Director, Jivan Hospital Kakching

Dr N Ajit Singh

Associate Professor, Jawaharal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal

Shri N Munal Meitei

Forest Range Officer

Shri N Jiten Singh

Principle Scientist, Samsung Material Research Complex, Suwon, Korea

Shri Ramnath Chhetri

Proprietor Immanuel Jewelry

Shri M Rajen Singh


Mrs Yaikhom Arunkumari Devi


Executive Members

M Sharjit Singh


Ksh Romesh Singh

Vice President

Ksh Khogendro Singh


Y Kiran Singh

Joint Secretary

P Bijen Singh

Joint Secretary

S Hemanta Singh


Ksh Thoiba Singh

Joint Secretary

M Doren Singh

Secretary Media and Publicity

Y Megharaj Singh

Joint Secretary Media and Publicity

M Pillar Singh


M Jotinkumar Singh


Sh Binodkumar Singh


Mrs N Rajeshwari Devi


Mrs M Renita Devi


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